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mesaj 22-03-2007 - 13:31
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I am Alexandretta,

I am so old that I forgot my age. I could not remember my real age now. But I remember about B.C. 4000. I am sure it is so long than this but unfortunately only remember this period. I am living near a sea shore. In history you named it Levant Gulf and Levant Sea.

If my memory dosn’t misleads me, my first reminiscences begins with a few people they were so primitive. I remember only some bones, animal skins sharped rocks, etc. from that times. Then Phonecians (Khenanies) (meaned tüccarlar in Turkish) camed on me. They struct so strong and wide state. Nearly all shores of all Mediterranean Countries. They captured all my shores. I heard they captured Italian and Spanian shores too. They struct Myriandus. Somebody said Rhosus for a long time. But Myriandus was near then Rhosus. Then people begin to say Arsuz to real city. They were so mined and clever people. They sold all of what can they find on me. They were taking from Taurus Mountains (silver) and selling to Cyprus ( Malakirt Island - bakır adası). Taking from Lebanon (spices and wine)) sold to spain and so. Their only damage for me to cut big cedar woods. That diameter 1 - 1.5 meter. They made big ships to trade between overseas countries.

Suddenly Hitits came here. They captured the Phonecians with all cities. I heard that not only this district, but nearly whole Anatolia They terminated Phonecians as Romenians terminated them. They have not a trade mind as Phonecians. But they were so strong then them and had made many things for civilisation. They left you written rocks and statues.

I strongly remember, Alexander the Great. They came to this coast at the spring of B.C.333. I heard the Battle of Issos. Somebody said that his army is so big. I didn’t believe first. But when I saw them I believed. Because about thousends of swordsman on horses, About 60.000 men going on foot with UYGUNSUZ KELİME and shields some of them with swords and shields. Somebody said that some deep valleys comes on their road he structed bridges from UYGUNSUZ KELİME. But at this point I must say that they were walking and going forward decicently too. At that they momently as if I saw the vife and doughters of King darius. I asked. They were really them. Darius bring them together. Because he believed that he win. But his armises blood gave water to me. Then Alexander went thrue to Antakya but I had a small port after this date. Aftr this date somebody called me İskele and a city near todays cemetery. You can find some ruins even todays. At B.C. 323 I heard that Alexander death. I think as a man had died, that death angel latest want to take. After his death (selefler) shared a big area. Seleicos Nikator took this zone and Antiocos took fom Antakya to Adıyaman an structed Kingdom of Kommagene (nemrut Dağı) and others some parts of Anatolia. After this age, Arabs, Franchs, Italians, Ottomans came to this district and parted of me. But certainly believe me that Otoman person were number one to treated me softly and optimisticaly for my people.

Then you know the left of story. Frenchs came on me. For Sandjak of Iskenderun. Then Iskenderun Government begun to govern me. Then they ad met o Hatay Republic for a year. At the and they decided to ad me to Turkish Republic.
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mesaj 22-03-2007 - 13:31
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